Daewoo Power Products Unveils Powerful New Lawn Mower for Effortless Yard Care

Grand News Network | June 5, 2024

Lahore, Pakistan, 5th Jun 2024 – Daewoo Power Product is the leading brand for innovative and modern power tools. Today they have released a new lawn mower. So Daewoo lawnmowers make gardening and effortless yard care for homeowners in Pakistan.

The new lawnmowers by the Daewoo have the new features . These models the DLM5300SPL, DLM4600SP, and DLM1600 E make the life easy. They cater to many lawn sizes. Each of the lawnmowers by Daewoo boasts top features. Hence it ensures a clean and even lawn with less effort. These lawn mowers owners by the Daewoo Power Products are the new generation of mowers to the Pakistani Market. Daewoo Power product aims to offer homeowners with efficient and reliable solution to keep their spaces neat and clean. The great est. the thing about these mowers is that they can even the toughest trains hence giving an expert looking results each time.

Top Innovation Meets High Performance

The Daewoo builds a powerful lawn mower that is best for both home and skilled users who require reliable and precise tools. It has a strong brushless electric motor that offers great power and lasting performance. Its motor is powerful and eco-friendly. Besides this, it has less noise and less carbon emissions than traditional mowers.

Here Daewoo Power Product combines the ideas with the usage to make the buyer life simple. The Lawn Mowers by the Daewoo Power Product show quality and are for nature hence making the work enjoyable rather than a task.


It is easy to use and the best tool for lawn care needs. It has a cutting width of 21 inches and has four means to handle grass clippings like mulching, bagging, side discharge, and rear discharge. So it offers users the flexibility to choose how they like to mow.

The mower moves by it hence makes it easier for user to cover their lawn without getting tired. Users can adjust the cutting height from 25mm to 75mm in seven settings. Also, users can control all from one place for comfort. It has a strong 200cc engine and an eight by 10-inch blade. So it ensures the lawn is cut cleanly and evenly. With this lawn mower taking care of the lawn is an easy


It is simple to use and a tool for keeping the lawn neat. It has an 18-inch cutting width and can do four things with grass clipping like mulching, bagging side discharge, and rear discharge. So it gives users the flexibility to choose how they like to mow.

The lawnmowers move by it. Hence it makes it easier to cover the lawn without getting tired. The user can adjust the cutting height from 25mm to 75mm in 7 different levels. Besides this, the user can control everything from one place. It has a reliable 150cc engine and a 7 by 8-inch blade. Hence it ensures the lawn is cut evenly. The price of this is ₨75,800. So getting all these lawn mower features at this price is a great deal.

Electric Lawn Mower DLM1600-E

It has a 1500W motor and is great to cut the grass in the garden at different heights. It has five height settings to pick from. Besides this, its powerful engine makes cutting grass quick. With a 34 cm cutting width it can cover a large area easily. Its grass box collects more grass so the user spends less time emptying it. The price of this mower is ₨37,500 which is a steal.

For more detail about the Daewoo Lawn Mower and other Daewoo pool products please visit the website.

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