AI Doctor Emerges on Bitget: Transforming Healthcare and Crypto With $UNICE

Grand News Network | April 23, 2024

AI Doctor Emerges on Bitget: Transforming Healthcare and Crypto With $UNICE

Singapore, Singapore, 23rd Apr 2024 – $UNICE is a new AI healthcare token that maintains strong trading volume and liquidity, is currently active on MexC and CoinW, and has confirmed its listing on Bitget. Offering innovative features and benefits for token holders, $UNICE provides the potential for revenue generation and rewards.

Another bullish season is upon the crypto market, and while several cryptocurrencies are rising to higher levels, investors remain on the search for new and profitable tokens to diversify with. Aside from Bitcoin’s price achievement of surpassing its ATH, a new AI token, Unice ($UNICE) is also positioned for a massive rally of turning many investors into millionaires in this year’s bull run. 

Bitget Exchange Overview:

Founded in 2018, Bitget is a global exchange based in Singapore, serving over 20 million users across more than 100 countries, with a daily trading volume of approximately $10 billion. Strengthening its credibility, Bitget has demonstrated $300 million in user protection funds. Additionally, by recruiting global football star Lionel Messi as an ambassador, Bitget has enhanced its brand value. Recently, in response to the instability of the cryptocurrency market and increased regulation, Bitget has been more rigorously assessing the technical feasibility and economic value of projects before deciding on listings.

UNICE Service Overview:

UNICE is an AI-based blockchain healthcare messenger service created by doctors, aimed at developing an AI doctor capable of diagnosing diseases, prescribing medications, and performing surgeries. This project has been selected as an ecosystem project by a leading global Web3 venture capital firm and has garnered worldwide attention. UNICE analyzes users’ conversational and voice data to assess their physical and mental health. Based on these assessments, UNICE provides personalized health management solutions, monitors users’ mental health through regular conversations, and offers pathways to professional assistance when needed. Additionally, it ensures the secure protection of users’ health data and tokenizes this data, allowing users to manage and monetize their information.

The UNICE project was initiated by a network with over 20 years of medical volunteer experience, founded by professional doctors and medical school faculty members. The management team consists of many professional doctors and medical professors, which enhances the service’s reliability and provides users with more accurate and trustworthy health management services.

The data generated within UNICE, especially information about patients or potential research subjects, holds tremendous value as it can generate substantial revenue for medical-related companies. This unique capability represents a significant competitive advantage of the UNICE service.

Clear Revenue Model:

Various Revenue Generation Methods: In addition to the free services provided to users, UNICE generates revenue by offering various paid services such as premium features, personalized health care solutions, and data analysis services. Additionally, UNICE can obtain further revenue through data sharing and collaboration with medical institutions and research institutes.

UNICE Tokenomics

The UNICE platform establishes a token economy system focused on medical data, generating and distributing real economic value throughout the data lifecycle, from collection to usage. Users provide medical data, which is then classified, converted into NFTs, and sold to entities like hospitals and research institutes. Contributors receive tokens as rewards, with profits transparently distributed among participants via blockchain technology. Purchasers utilize the data for medical advancements, while users can use tokens for services within the platform. UNICE’s token distribution strategy ensures long-term engagement and stable token value, promoting a balanced ecosystem between demand and supply.

$UNICE  maintains a stable trading rate while waiting to launch on Bitget

In the highly competitive landscape of centralized exchanges, securing a listing on platforms like Bitget has become increasingly challenging due to stringent criteria and rigorous standards. Only projects that demonstrate reliability, quality, and potential for long-term growth can pass these stringent assessments.

Regarding price stability, UNICE has maintained a stable condition without significant fluctuations, indicating potential growth and attractiveness to holders.

Bitget is celebrating the listing of UNICE by hosting exciting trading events and attractive reward events for early adopters to attract a diverse range of users. The launch celebration includes a total prize pool of $120,000, with UNICE tokens for the first trades on Bitget and a commemorative airdrop included. 

The promotion starts at 12:00 UTC on April 22, 2024, and UNICE is set to debut on Bitget at 12:00 UTC on April 23, 2024, marking the beginning of a new era of innovation, accessibility, and profitability in the healthcare and cryptocurrency industries. UNICE is expected to revolutionize the approach to healthcare and blockchain technology globally through each transaction. 

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